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Impressionism and buying Impressionist art

Impressionism and buying Impressionist art are Internet words these days. Of course, Impressionism as an art form began when the camera was invented. Art and technology have always gone together. First the artist decorated the church, then the castle, working for the pope or the king. Technology was the impetus for the Renaissance, technology and trade. Trading with the East brought the color blue to Europe at the time of the Renaissance. Coincidentally, the curved mirror and the invention of the lens may have led to projection and the birth of portraiture in the Renaissance.
The invention of of the camera in the 19th century meant that artists lost their jobs in portraiture. The Impressionist movement is a natural consequence of the artist and his employment. If the photographer is doing the portraits then we paint a pretty picture for the walls of the rich. This is a layman's assessment of the birth of Impressionism. The history is more complex. Modern artists study the Impress…

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