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Impressionism and buying Impressionist art

Impressionism and buying Impressionist art are Internet words these days. Of course, Impressionism as an art form began when the camera was invented. Art and technology have always gone together. First the artist decorated the church, then the castle, working for the pope or the king. Technology was the impetus for the Renaissance, technology and trade. Trading with the East brought the color blue to Europe at the time of the Renaissance. Coincidentally, the curved mirror and the invention of the lens may have led to projection and the birth of portraiture in the Renaissance.
The invention of of the camera in the 19th century meant that artists lost their jobs in portraiture. The Impressionist movement is a natural consequence of the artist and his employment. If the photographer is doing the portraits then we paint a pretty picture for the walls of the rich. This is a layman's assessment of the birth of Impressionism. The history is more complex. Modern artists study the Impress…

Art for sale by artists and places to buy art

Art for sale by artist. That's why we're here. It's daunting for an artist to try to sell his work online. We like to start off by suggesting a few places and discussing their merits. Several websites have gained fame by selling art on the Internet.
1. Saatchi. Originally known as Saatchi online, Saatchi has over 65,000 artists worldwide. Based in Los Angeles, and founded by Sean Moriarty, for artists, Saatchi has a good deal. They basically take 35% commission and couriers pick up the art at the artist home or studio. The artist is responsible for packaging the art. This is a good deal for the artist because Saatchi relies on artist sales for their own profit. It's refreshing that their concept does not accept fees from the artist.
2. Etsy. The store is about craft and art and almost anything that's handmade. It's the store everyone knows about. They charge a fee for posting the product.
3. Zatista. Sellers are charged a flat commission of 45% only when an item is sold through Zatista does not charge listing, or membership fees. There are no buyer related fees on Zatista. Only original works of art may be sold on Zatista. Original artwork is defined as a unique, one-of-a-kind piece that is not reproduced or replicated in any way.
4. Ugallery. Ugallery represents 500 artists and splits the sale 50-50. They cover the cost of packaging and shipping the work they basically send you a box to put it in and you ship it. They do charge a small application fee. You have to be accepted. They have been in business since October 2000 and they have offices in New York City and San Francisco. They sell signed original art.

Galleries and museums near me is a different approach to selling art. Well, not really different. It's the best way to sell art, through a recognized gallery. Galleries and museums near me presents 1000 galleries, their websites, their Facebook pages, their Instagram pages. You can surf the galleries of the world. The major galleries.
There are a few new places we like that can provide opportunity to buy art from the artist.
1. Art For Sale Original. Are for sale original is a new site that has potential because of its name. It may be the best name in art. Original paintings in oil and acrylic, screen prints, ceramics, landscapes, and the best abstract work we seen in a while.
2. Emery's fine art gallery. A collection of 5 to 6000 works of art by a single collector that is now available online. Fine art prints, originals for sale. This large inventory has some wonderful work.
A site that's been around for a long time is Artvilla. ArtVilla is a blog and has been on the Internet since 1998. It's a blog that has turned into a store, a store for art.
Shopping for art on the Internet should be safe and the sides are all ssl encrypted for safety.
Look for the green at the top near the URL. That green lock is important and means that your information is safe.
When buying art from unknown artists specked a lower price that is based on the perceived quality of the art and how much you like it. Seriously, a resume isn't required if the art is under $1000. Here are some of Artvilla's links
We like artvilla's new approach. They've been on the Internet for a long time and seem to know what they're doing and have a large following. Artist David Jackson has art that has been seen by many people over the years and we think that the site will be a player on the art thing someday. We hope so. The big guys could use some competition, you know? When buying art you should know all of your choices and you should shop around. Buying art on the Internet is now possible in a safe way.


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